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Dog Sledding at the Double JJ Resort

  • In winter, our teams of well-trained sled dogs will take you on a dog sled ride you will never forget!

  • Want to drive the dogs yourself? Mushing lessons are available.

  • When there's no snow, wheeled cart rides are available if the outside temperature is cool enough so the dogs do not overheat.

  • Available Seasonally.


Dog Club

  • Learn all about our dog sled teams. You'll love our Alaskan Huskies that are housed in our dog yard found at the Back Forty Ranch. Ask a Double JJ Musher about our Pooch Pals Program too!

  • Available whenever the dogs aren't busy pulling sleds.



Dog SledBasic Musher Commands

"Ready!" Start Moving

"Hike up!" Keep on pulling

"Whoa!" Means to stop, but most dogs don't listen to this command!

"Gee" Command for turning or moving right

"Haw" Command for turning or moving left

"Straight Ahead" Used at intersections or when passing other dog teams

"On by" Encourage the team to pass a distraction or obstacle









Anatomy of a Dog Team

Dog Sled Team Positions

Lead Dogs-Willing to run in front, find the trail, set the pace, and listen to the musher's commands.

Swing Dogs-Help the lead dogs set the pace & aid in turning the team.

Team Dogs-Follow the dogs in front of them & steadily pull. They provide the "dog power."

Wheel Dogs-Run in front of the sled & are often the largest & most powerful dogs on the team.