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Horseback Riding - FAQS

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The most important thing in improving your riding is to RELAX. Every horse is different. Learn something from each one you ride. Don't expect to become an expert rider in a very short time. Ride and have fun, and learn as you ride...

How long are the trail rides?

Most trail rides are one hour; however, during the spring and fall, we also offer two-hour trail rides for those wishing to ride longer. We also have private rides that can be tailored to your wishes, or for those guests who may want to ride only with their family and friends.

What kind of trail riding is there?

We offer many levels of trail riding from beginning to advanced. All beginner trail rides are walk only and recommended for those novice riders or those guests who want to enjoy a leisurely paced ride. Our intermediate rides include walking and trotting and depending on skill level of each rider, may include some cantering. The advanced trail rides are walk, trot and canter.

How old do you have to be to go on a trail ride?

Riding is available to both adults and children; however, we only offer pony rides for children ages four and under. Riding for children ages 8 to 17 are based on age and skill level. Our wranglers will evaluate your children to determine their riding skill levels.

What should I wear?

Heeled shoes or boots are best. NO sandals or flip-flops. Long pants are recommended, as leather saddles will rub your thighs and calves when wearing shorts. Cameras, backpacks, and purses should not be taken on your ride. Having your picture taken prior to the ride is best!

Can I bring my own horse?

Yes! We have a full-service boarding facility. Boarding includes access to all 27 miles of trails to ride on your own or you may join us on our trail rides to learn trails and meet other guests.

How do I make a reservation to go horseback riding?

From outside the resort, you can schedule trail rides by calling 1-800-DoubleJJ (368-2535), or simply ask your reservationist to make it for you when booking your stay.

From inside the resort, just dial "0" from any in-house phone, or stop at the front desk.

What if I have no riding experience?

Our wranglers can offer our adult riders basic instruction prior to the trail ride when the ride is getting mounted. If you prefer more one on one instruction, we offer many levels of lessons in a corral where you can learn these skills.

Can I go riding by myself without a guide?

If you have brought your own horse, you can ride our trails without a guide. Otherwise, all trail rides on Double JJ horses are guided by our trained Wranglers.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

All riders under age 18 MUST wear a helmet. You may bring your own or we can provide one for you.

Do you allow double riding?

Only one rider per horse, please


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