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Team Building

The Double JJ Ranch, Waterpark and Golf Resort has many opportunities for you to work and grow with your team. We offer a comprehensive menu of strategically-designed games, challenges and adventures, all with the Double JJ twist to them.

Team Building . Team Building

Day in the Life of a Cowboy

A four-hour event that lets you find out what it feels like to be a real cowboy! Events include: 

Saddle Up - You'll have to really stretch your communication muscles for this exercise, which requires the team to collect all of the pieces of & assemble a saddle, all while using non-verbal communication! 

Fencing Building - You've got just one minute to organize and assign roles before you start building a 12x12 fence! The trick is that the building portion is complete speaking allowed! The group needs to finish their pen as quickly as possible but still make sure it's functional.

Team Sorting/Penning/Extended Cattle Drive - Saddle up and drive the herd of longhorn cattle from pasture to pen. Once you arrive, you'll have to pen the cows inside the fence your group built!  

Settin' Up Camp - Organize camp by building a tent, starting a fire, & catching a live fish for dinner. A real challenge for all the city-slickers!


Survivor Cowboy Games

A series of team building events for those groups that think they are tough enough to be cowboys and cowgirls! Survivor Series Rodeo is a competition within a group. Usually the group will split into smaller teams of four to six people and compete against each other. They compete in games like Goat Dressing, Wanna Be A Cowboy, Steerhead Roping, Pole Bending, etc. Requires the participants to ride horses, carry straw, dig holes, and Dusty Desert.


Cattle Drives

Take part in this two-hour adventure as your group works together to move our herd of long horn cattle from pen to pasture, and then back again! Children under the age of 18 must have their Top Hand coin to participate in a cattle drive.


Hillbilly Boat Race

Your group divides into teams & is given limited time to grab materials & create a boat made of cardboard, duct tape, sticks, balloons, plastic tubing, & more.

You'll also need to choose two mates to compete in a boat race on Big Wildcat Lake! Wait there's more! We have the water balloon sling shots on shore, so look out below!




Team Building