Camping, glamping, hiking, and biking are just a few of the activities that people who love the outdoors enjoy, but they all involve quite a bit of equipment, which can get expensive. Fortunately, during the holidays, these are items that you can utilize as gifts. The key is to look for deals that will allow you to get everything you need for everyone on your shopping list and to take advantage of sites and apps that will help you find the best coupons and cashback offers so you can stick to your budget. Take a look at this guide to get started.

Backpacks and Luggage

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to have sturdy, waterproof bags to hold all your gear and personal items. A new backpack is a great gift idea for someone who loves to go camping or hiking; anyone who travels a lot will appreciate a new luggage set, but they can be pricey. By utilizing online bag deals and promo codes, you can find the perfect bag for the wanderer on your list. Think about where your loved one likes to travel most, what kinds of weather conditions they might encounter, and how long they’re usually gone when they leave for a trip; this will help you figure out the right size and material for the bag.

Pet gear

Many people who spend time outdoors like to involve their pets, but it’s important to ensure the animals stay safe. When camping or hiking, dogs are great companions who make the trip even more enjoyable, but they need their own equipment and precautions. Collapsible food and water bowls, reflective collars, and safety booties that will keep little paws from getting cut on rough terrain are all budget-friendly gift ideas for those who want to make sure their fur-babies are safe on their outdoor excursions. Just make sure you’re sure of the animal’s size before you make a final decision; even smaller dogs may need a larger item to wear if they have a lot of fur.

Tools for comfort

Whether your loved one prefers to go camping or glamping, they’ll need certain tools for staying comfortable or getting good sleep. Depending on the degree of roughing it that they prefer, you might consider buying them some warm socks, a portable solar shower, or a small water filter that will allow them to keep their drinking water clean no matter how far from the path they stray. These are gift ideas that cost under $25, making them perfect for a tight budget. Think about what would make your loved one the most comfortable when they’re outdoors.

Help make memories

Those who hit the road often typically like to document their travels, and you can help them make their memories last by looking for a travel journal where they can sketch and write notes about their trips. Or, find a scrapbook large enough to hold all their photos so they can look back on all their outdoor adventures once the trip is over, plus all the supplies they need to create beautiful pages. These are both inexpensive options that your loved one will cherish for years to come, and if they travel with their family, they can get everyone involved in the process.

Finding the right gifts for everyone on your list can be the most stressful part of the holidays, but if you think about how you can add to your loved ones’ favorite hobbies and make them even better, you can stick to your budget while getting gifts they’ll truly love.