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Reservation Policies

Reservations are accepted based on availability.

All rates are subject to state taxes, local tourism assessment and resort service fee.

We will try to honor all room requests, but there are no guaranteed room assignments.

Balance is due upon arrival and paid in cash, money order, visa, mastercard, american express or discover. No checks will be accepted.

Prices are subject to change without notice. some restrictions may apply

A deposit equal to the first night of your stay, including taxes and resort fees, is required to make a reservation.

Reservations cancelled 7 or more days prior to arrival are fully refundable, and cancellations of less than 7 days prior to arrival are subject to forfeit of deposit.     

At check-in, Double JJ Resort will collect payment for your entire stay and pre-authorize your credit card for $100.00 more than your current balance. A pre-authorization will place the pre-authorized amount in a holding state and temporarily reduce your credit card limit, but it is not a transaction charge and will not be reflected in your credit card statement. Depending on your credit card bank’s policy, the pre-authorized amount will drop off typically after 3-5 business days, but may take up to 30 days.

No refunds will be given on unused portion of packages.

Personal checks may be used for deposits only and only if received 14 or more days prior to arrival.

Restrictions on Golf Cart Operation:

  1. In order to bring your golf cart into the Park, upon entry you must show current proof of golf cart liability insurance with minimum policy limits of $25,000 personal injury/$50,000 per accident/$10,000 property damage (either a stand-alone golf cart policy or a rider on your homeowner’s insurance policy or automobile insurance policy) and pay a user fee.
  2. You may not engage in any activity that is not covered by your golf cart liability insurance policy such as racing, pulling or pushing other vehicles, or carrying too many passengers.
  3. Operators must have a valid driver’s license in their possession, and be at least 18 years of age, when operating a golf cart.
  4. You must follow the “rules of the road” applicable to vehicles on public roads: for example, stopping at stop signs; not texting while driving; not operating carelessly, recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and burning headlights and taillights when driving between dusk and dawn.
  5. One passenger per seat: all occupants must remain seated at all times. All hands and feet must be kept inside the vehicle.
  6. The speed limit on all roads or trails is 5 MPH, including the Campground Area
  7. You must park your golf cart at your cabin or campsite from 10 PM to 7 AM (local time): golf cart operation is not allowed during this curfew period.
  8. You must stay on paved roads and established dirt roads or vehicle trails at all times.
  9. Horses have the right-of-way. When meeting a horse on the trail, pull over, cut the engine and let the horse pass. When approaching horses from behind, call out to the riders to let them know you are there and wait for the riders to signal when it is safe for you to pass.
  10. Do not leave the key in the golf cart ignition; and lock the cart with a chain and lock when not in use.
  11. All accidents involving injury, death or property damage must be reported to the Double JJ Resort Office as soon as possible; if medical attention is needed call 911 immediately.