Best Horseback Riding VacationsWhen you are wondering, “Where can I find horseback riding near me?” you won’t need to look too far when you join Double JJ Resort for one of our horseback riding vacations. Horseback riding is an incredible experience that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you want to enjoy a slow trail ride through the countryside or a thrilling barrel race, you can find the best horseback riding vacations right here in Rothbury Michigan with us at Double JJ Resort!

Discover the Different Styles of Horse Riding

When it comes to horseback riding, Double JJ Resort has a little something for everyone. Whether you are just starting out or you cut your teeth in the saddle, you can have a fun and safe experience with our horses and staff. There are various styles of horse riding that include different tack and disciplines. We offer lessons both English and Western horsemanship, barrel racing, reining, and even colt starting! Our crew is also working on expanding diversity in riding by adding a dressage arena, trail jumping courses, and a fun obstacle course. Whether you enjoy the feel of an English saddle and prefer breeches or love working your horse in a western saddle and jeans, we can set you up with your perfect matching horse and help you expand your knowledge in riding through fun exercises and teamwork. 

Endless Adventures in the Saddle

Best Horseback Riding Vacations Along with all of our available lessons, we have a myriad of unforgettable experiences that our guests can take part in during one of the best horseback riding vacations imaginable. Join a trail ride geared to your experience level. We also have morning rides and evening rides that include hearty country meals made over an open fire, just like the cowboys and cowgirls of the wild west. If you want a taste of life on the ranch, head out in the early morning for one of our cattle drives! Embark on a journey across our 1,200 acres and help guide a herd of cattle with our team for a unique adventure you can only find with one of our Michigan horseback riding vacations. 

Horseback Riding Vacations in Michigan

There is nothing quite like teaming up with one of these majestic creatures and feeling the shifting of each stride as your horse carries you across the countryside. If you are ready to discover one of the best horseback riding vacations Michigan has to offer, join Double JJ Resort for an unforgettable adventure! When you embark on one of our Double JJ horseback riding excursions, you will learn the meaning behind the saying, “Two feet allow me to run, but four hooves allow me to fly.”