The Great Lakes region is absolutely breathtaking, and Michigan is no exception. The crisp Lake Michigan water feeds everything around it, growing lush forests and emerald grassy fields. That’s why west Michigan golf is so incredible! The golf courses on Lake Michigan have fertile soil, healthy grass, and scenic views, so your golf experience here is one-of-a-kind. Double JJ Resort offers tons of fun things to do, but our golf getaways are particularly engaging. With two full-sized courses within minutes of our lodging and a mini-golf course right on-site, you’ll never get bored from the same old swing.

Outdoor West Michigan Golf

The closest course to our Double JJ cabins and suites is the Thoroughbred Golf Club. These 18 championship holes are right on our property, so you don’t even need a car to play. Thoroughbred’s 240 acres offer unique challenges for an exciting game, yet it is still suitable for golfers of all skill levels. It’s fun. It’s beautiful. It’s nearby. What could be better?

Just a three-minute drive down the road is another spectacular—and convenient—18-hole golf course: Grand View Golf Course. Immaculately groomed grounds and expertly designed features make it a crown jewel among west Michigan golf courses. Seriously, nothing beats the view from golf courses on Lake Michigan. You’ll have the best golf experience of your life with Double JJ’s golf getaways.

Fast-Paced Indoor Golf Experiencechild playing blacklight mini-golf

If the sun sets but you’re not ready to put down your clubs, keep the game rolling with Mystical Forest Mini Golf. This indoor game is excellent for unexpected rain, fun with youngsters, and a little after-hours putt-putt! Kick up the wow factor with a round of blacklight mini-golf. After you make your way through this miniature 18-hole golf course, stop by the arcade for some classic games. Kids and adults alike have a blast in this charming piece of playful paradise.

Double JJ Golf Getaways

While you stay at Double JJ, you don’t have to golf every day. We have tons of things to do on and off the fairway. However, if you love golf as much as we do, the variety in our courses means you’ll never get tired of our golf getaways. Call 231-894-3999 to book your stay with the best west Michigan golf resort.