water parks michiganRacing down a water slide, you can’t help but grin from ear to ear as you hold on tight to your tube. Whizzing along the colorful pipes and tunnels while water splashes along the way, you cannot help but live in the moment as you crash into the water at the mouth of the slide. You observe the building around you and watch as kids splash through waterfalls, parents make their ways down the lazy river and people in tubes rock back and forth in the wave pool. This is what a day at the Gold Rush Waterpark looks like at Double JJ Resort.

Make A Splash

The Gold Rush Waterpark is home to the tallest indoor waterslide in Western Michigan and has a host of other fantastic attractions. Our indoor water park is 60,000 square feet and is a place where kids and those who are still kids at heart can play. Spend an entire day exploring all of our aquatic adventures. Whether you are looking for a relaxing time in our own personal paradise or an epic adventure of thrills, you can find it at the Gold Rush Waterpark, one of the best water parks Michigan has to offer.

Finding Your Ideal Water Adventure

water parks michigan When it comes to having fun in water parks Michigan, we are no stranger to making a splash and creating good times. Take a ride on Thunder Canyon with three of your friends for a wild white water rafting adventure. Our Miner’s Plunge is a great time for two people as they plunge down a slide into a cannon bowl that takes you round until dropping through a hole into a mellow pool. Stallion Falls is a slide full of twists and turns that you can enjoy on your own tube or ride tandem. The Golden Pond is the perfect place for fun games of volleyball, testing your balance on floating islands, and challenging your friends to a game of water basketball. Explore all of the features of our multi-level water fort that is perfect for any age with fun cranks and handles that create different water splashes and shoot water guns. If you want to spend a bit of time relaxing in a tube, take a trip down our Lazy Crazy River where you will float with the current through waterfalls and dumping buckets along the way. The Rustler’s Gulch is a body slide perfect for a thrilling ride down steep inclines sure to get your heart pumping. For the little ones, parents can let kids discover an interactive pool geared to help them explore in JJ’s Hide Out, and the whole family can enjoy a relaxing time in the Family Spa.

Book Your Gold Rush Excursion

There is something for everyone here at the Gold Rush Water Park. Come and discover why of all the water parks Michigan has, ours is one of the most fun for everyone. Call us or visit our website for frequently asked questions about our pool and book your stay with us. It’s time to hit the water and have fun with us at the Gold Rush Water Park!