horseback riding lake michiganAs the sun shines above, you calmly listen to soft snorts and hooves plodding the beaten path. The slacked reins in your hands swaying with each stride and you rock with the movements of the horse you were paired with as you move down the trail. The smell of leather and nature fills the air as you take in the passing forest. When you join us on a trail ride at Double JJ Resort, this is what you will experience with horseback riding Lake Michigan area in Rothbury.

Hitting The Trails

Here at Double JJ Resort, we have a herd of many colors and breeds of horses just waiting to take you on an adventure. Draft breeds wait at the ready to be harnessed for a fun wagon ride while smaller breeds, such as Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and Thoroughbreds, await being saddled for a spin on the trails. There is a horse for every level of riding experience with horses that like to mosey on down the trail for green riders to those that love to run cross country for seasoned equestrians. We will be able to pair you up with the perfect mount for a fun time out. We also have a round pen and arena area to get a feel for your four-hooved friend if you need so that you can head out on the trails comfortably and safely.

horseback riding lake michigan A Few Riding Safety Tips

Horseback riding Lake Michigan area is as thrilling as it is relaxing and can be a little tough if it is your first time out. There are a few tips to make your experience smooth and as enjoyable as possible to keep in mind.

  • Be mindful of your attire.
    • Wearing long pants, like jeans, keep your legs safe and help avoid pinching your legs in the saddle as well as prevent saddle sores.
    • Your footwear is key. Having boots with a heel is preferable, but if you only have shoes with a heel, that is okay. Having a heel will help you keep your feet from slipping through the stirrups and help you with balance.
    • Avoid overly baggy clothing. We may travel through thickly wooded areas with low hanging branches that could possibly get caught on loose clothing.
    • Make sure you have a full range of motion. Overly tight clothing that restricts movement is not ideal for riding as you will need your legs and arms to steer and mount your horse.
  • Posture will help you balance. Sitting up straight and keeping your heels down is very important when riding a horse. If you put your feet back with your heels up, you are going to end up unbalanced and uncomfortable. We have hands that will help you find a safe and comfortable position to ride in. There are also riding lessons available for those looking to improve their riding skills.
  • Stay calm and enjoy the ride. Though our horses have seen it all and are safe for all riders, it is essential to stay calm. Loud noises and rowdy behavior can make horses uneasy and may spook them. So relax and trust your horse to take care of you.horseback riding lake michigan

Saddle Up For A Double JJ Horseback Adventure

You can find all of our different trail riding packages on our website to discover the perfect combination for you. We have options based off of experience, length of time in the saddle, and even rides where you travel out for a cowboy meal cooked on an open fire. You can speak with one of our caring staff members to help you pick out your ideal ride and saddle up. An adventure of horseback riding Lake Michigan area trails with Double JJ Resort is an experience that you will never forget. So book your stay and get ready for a memorable equestrian excursion with the Double JJ crew!