rothbury michiganEvery great business has an extraordinary team driving its success. Make sure your group is a well-oiled machine and on top of their game by booking an unforgettable corporate retreat. Double JJ Resort in Rothbury Michigan is known for corporate retreats that keep teams at their best with several interactive challenges and games. Take your team out and start building a solid foundation for your group with Double JJ Resort.

Clown Rodeo

One of the most unusual and unique team exercises is the Clown Rodeo. For this entertaining event, your group can pick from several activities within the timeframe of your session. No matter the weather each cowboy and cowgirl will assume their rodeo clown getup and put on quite the show. Designed to bring a smile and laughter to all in attendance this event will leave you howling with laughter as participants run barrels, tie goats, and more.

The Ranch Race

For optimal team building, the Ranch Race is sure to give your group a challenge. By breaking up into two separate teams, each half of your group will race in a relay-style event with several obstacles. With nine steps, from beginning to end, the relay consists of stops where the team will need to complete a task, answer a quiz on one of the previous sites, and race to the finish line. While competing against each other and working together at the same time, your team will put their heads together for an incredible team bonding challenge.

rothbury michigan Customize To Your Team

Not every team is the same, and at Double JJ, we realize that having choices is always a good thing. For a full day of team building, you can choose three activities for your group from nineteen different exciting challenges. From blindfolded tent building to nature scavenger hunts, you will be sure to find something your entire group will love.

Teamwork, fun, and laughter are the foundation of a happy team. So, give them a healthy dose of both at Double JJ Resort and build up your team. Get your team excited and energized with a phenomenal corporate retreat to Double JJ Resort in Rothbury Michigan. We are ready to help build your team up to the best it can be. Give us a call at 1-800-368-2535 or visit our website to begin planning your team’s epic corporate outing.