Snow Tubing in MichiganNothing beats the breathtaking beauty of a fresh snowfall in Michigan. Waking up in the morning to see the pink sunrise peeking over frosted trees and rooftops is a sure-fire way to ensure a good day. At Double JJ Resort, that’s a regular occurrence. And when you’re done marveling at the view, we have plenty of exhilarating activities to help you get outside and enjoy the snow, starting with sleigh rides and snow tubing in Michigan. Because we offer all the best things to do in Michigan in winter right here on our property, Double JJ is one of the most entertaining western Michigan resorts.

Enchanting Sleigh Rides in Michigan

In the summer, Double JJ is the premier Michigan golf resort. In the winter, those wide, grassy expanses morph into snow-covered playgrounds. We’re fans of Midwest classics like sledding in Michigan, making snow angels, or building snowmen. However, for a unique take on sledding, go for one of our magical sleigh rides in Michigan. Sleigh Rides in Michigan

For this seasonal activity, our very own horses will pull you through the gorgeous, snowy woods. You can even reserve private sleigh rides in Michigan with us, which are superb for families, friends, and couples alike! After sledding with the help of our horses, take the fun into your own hands with snow tubing in Michigan.

Speedy Snow Tubing in Michigan

For a softer, less bumpy take on sledding in Michigan, head to Sundance Slopes. Our 660-foot run offers the best snow tubing in Michigan. Speed down the hill and take the tow-rope back to the top for endless hours of nothing but fun. The tow-rope is especially appreciated by adults who don’t want to climb the hill after each turn of snow tubing in Michigan. 

Sundance Slopes is open every day in the winter, and it’s conveniently close to our warming hut. Step inside for a steaming cup of hot cocoa or coffee. Then, head back out for more snowy excitement.

Best Western Michigan Resorts

When you stay at Double JJ Resort, you’ll find that winter is the best time of year. All of the things to do in western Michigan become even more fun when it snows, and our suites and cabins become cozy oases. Call 231-894-3999 to book your getaway to one of the best western Michigan resorts this winter!