Rothbury Michigan, Water Park Michigan, Waterparks in Michigan, Hotels in Rothbury MichiganWhat better way to enjoy the summer sun and the blooming flowers in Rothbury Michigan than on horseback. For some people, horses can be intimidating, but for us, at Double JJ Resort, they are part of the family. We offer different trail rides and lessons for you to get comfortable with these amazing and beautiful creatures. However, before you climb on up, there are some helpful tips for you to know for your horse riding experience!


When horseback riding it is important to have the right clothes. Horseback riding is a fun event, but without the right supplies, it can be uncomfortable. We suggest long pants. During the ride, you might go through tall grass or come close to a tree, and you want to be protected from scratches. They also help with the saddle. Tight jeans or bulky seams can cause chafing and saddle sores, so it is important for you to feel comfortable. Heeled boots or shoes are the best. They are good for keeping your foot in the stirrup and for you to have control when giving commands to the horse. For kids under eighteen, we will provide a helmet, but you can always bring your own. Leave your wallet, loose change, etc. in your rooms because when you start to trot, you do not want things falling out of your pockets.


Now that you know what to bring on your horseback riding trip now you need to know some helpful tips when you are on the horse! We offer many levels of trail riding from beginning to advance. To be an advanced rider, you are required to comfortably sit in trot and canter and control your horse under all conditions and gates. For intermediate riders, you will walk and trot, and for beginners, you will walk at a leisurely pace. When you are on the horse, the first tip is for your feet. Place the ball of your foot in the stirrup and keep your heels down but don’t slide your foot in as far as it will go. Next keep your hands in front of the saddle horn, resting on the horse’s neck. When trying to stop pull the reins gently toward your belly button. When the horse stops, push your hand forward again to put some slack in the reins. There are many more tips when learning how to ride, but these are just some of the basics. When you are on one of the rides, our wranglers will teach you more helpful tips, so you are on your way to become a pro!

The most important thing when horseback riding is to relax. Every horse is different, and you can learn something from each one you ride. Don’t expect to become an expert rider your first time riding. At Double JJ Resort we want you to have fun and learn as you go. Whether you are in need of lessons, a one-hour beginner trail ride, two-hour intermediate trail ride or a three-hour advanced trail ride you will have the time of your life in Rothbury Michigan!